Various Adventures

These are reports back from places that are generally filed under "I don't think things through", including really long runs, hikes, trips to wild areas etc...

This is more a record for myself and a fading memory as I get older, but if it helps you in researching a trip, great. Feel free to contact me if yuo want more beta.

Oh! One more note. I'm a fiction writer, so I write these sometimes as stories. Although based on real events, nothing here should be relied on as perfect fact. I'm a liar after all.

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  • Running the Cathar Trail - a three week ultra run in the Pyrenees with Dustin Lynx
  • Land of the Midnight Run - three big wilderness runs up around Dawson City during the Summer Solstice and 24-hour sunlight.
  • Running on Empty - 100 km ultra-marathon race report.
  • Circumnavigating Mt. Logan - an 11-day ski tour around the largest mountain (by mass) on Earth and the highest in Canada.